Our Mission

• Creating of the good and modern accounting system as per the accounting standard to the clients.

• Reduce the double accounting work and working times.

• Preparing and presenting of the monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statement to the management on time before decision making in the business plan.
• Doing of the good tax planning to the clients.

• Research and develope the good Accounting software, I.T. System, and using the internet for the international business.

• Training of the new accountant graduating to be the good accountant and more professional in this field.

• Maximized profit and minimized loss for the clients; Cash flow management, Budgeting plan, Tax planning, Good Recording, On time for business decision making.

Accounting & Auditing

1. Monthly bookkeeping by qualified accountant as per the law.
2. Design and implement the good accounting system as per the good internal accounting control system and law.
3. Traning and consulting for the preparation of the good financial reporting, management reporting, and the presentation of management.
4. Cost accounting and managerial accounting.
5. Internal & External auditing.
6. Payroll Processing

Office Secretary Service

Office Secretary Services (Outsource for overall office administration services)

1. Cashier processing (Bill receiving, preparation of cheque request, payment to supplier, bill collection, etc.).
2. Work Permit & One Year Visa Request and extension.
3. Bank relationship, Communication, and Co-ordination
4. Documents delivery (Messenger, Courier, etc.).
5. Air ticket and Hotel reservation.
6. Others as assignments.

Tax counseling

1. Tax return preparation
2. Tax planning services
3. On-Call tax advised

Registration & Licence

1. Company Registration
2. Tax I.D. Card and VAT Registration
3. Trade Mark Registration
4. Product License
5. B.O.I. Approval Request
6. Other Registrations